June 28, 2012

The Chill Pills

My toys of thrill happiness...

An overdue peekture of our pills like 4 months ago? Ehehe.

That very day is a special day.

I had a major surprise for him that is to decorate my house and invite him over! I blew up balloons, bought cake and put up a banner. But it was a success 'cos of his great friends... they actually went to my house and hide before I was home. Special thanks to Lian! ;D
Happy 21st Birthday Alvin Thoo, we all love you!

Not only that, I suggested to snap photos with my purplish wall and ringlight. Since there are balloons around, why not everyone take one and snap!

Individual guys and girls, hope you all like the individual shots.
P.S. Provided you are here and see them, I didn't upload them to facebook xD

Hope your wishes come true!
& I secretly wish one of them is be with me through hair white old and even when we both too gray, probably forgotten each other and stay retarded. Hah. What I am talking....

My dear simply-jess@blogspot, I shall try to blog more and share my stories 'cos It seems hard to track my past... sometimes being here makes me remember.

What's your happy moments...
Care to share with me?

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