April 29, 2012

Travelogue - Bangkok Part Two

With the lovely peeps...

Here's a video that I did for the trip, enjoy! (:

If you haven't read about part one of my journey, here's the link Travelogue - Bangkok Part One.

Day #2
Near our hotel, is Pratunam and Platinum Mall.

Upon reaching our shopping paradise, the guys and girls split up and begin a mass hunt!

Also, we went to catch the must buy in Bangkok... NaRaYa!

Everyone bought a handful of them (:

Here are some of the loots from Day Two shopping...

If you realise, Aud and me got similar style of clothes. If you shop in Platinum Mall or Pratunam Mall, it will be cheaper if you buy 2 or more. They will be a promotional price. You always have to bargain with them to as low as 100baht or 150baht.

After shopping was almost dinner time, look what we've found...

We were all very happy to see A&W! It is like one of our childhood fast food restaurant you remember when you was young. I remember the fried chicken, ice cream with root bear and the delicious curly cries!

Day #3

We visited Soka Gakkai Thailand.
The people there is really friendly and nice. They bring us around the place, what's more they even gave us free postcard and keychain that have big significant. The uncle who took this picture actually fought with the cars. Ain't this shot of us beautiful?

That day, we also surprise Korin as the next was her birthday.

Happy Birthday Korin Yong! Eheheh. With love!

The trip was fun and great with the company! If you ever visit Bangkok, try to look around and take more pictures as that's the only thing I regretted. I was actually quite worry that somebody take my camera and run away! Haha. Have fun shopping and looking at ladyboys.

Can't wait for another short trip... 
Gonna capture them.

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