October 3, 2011

First Debut Short Film - "Never Met Again"

Hundreds of people would have walked pass you each day, some are strangers, some a stranger now, some whom you know. The connection between you and the people around you is full of so much awe and mystic. People arrives and departs at some point in your life and many a times you don't get to control it.

Some people might just never pass you by again...

Watch the video in full screen! Do your notice at the end at the bandstand that a bird fly from my side to Alvin and turn one round? It was really amazing when we realize that!


That very day, Alvin and I decided to head down to botanical garden. I head down on Tuesday as well with Yingxin and the photoshoot was great! Eheheh.

It was kind of wasted that my camera die off. We didn't manage to take a lot of pictures but here's the best of all...

Did your notice this camera? ;D

Besides dance, photography bring us together too.

I wonder how our next film will be like...

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