October 25, 2010

For now..

Can you hear me?

Digital Studio by Amy Ong...

Photoshop Assignment.

Expressing the society through colored lens.

Illustrator Assignment.

Expressing the Society.

CD Cover Project.

Visual Communication by Anthon Kiong...

Pictogram Assignment.

Random CD Cover Assignment.

Self-Actualisation Project
Chosen Lyrics - Wedding Dress.

"Life can lead you to a happiness never ending."

Completed both the modules and now new modules are up.

My work still need alotttttttttt of improvement.

Rather hectic schedule especially when I've got dance on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday work at Cotton On. Monday - Friday full time job as a Multimedia Educator. Sometimes I just want to give up, especially teaching kids.. it just aint so easy.

It's November soon. I'm turning 21st on December 16th. And guess what? Company dinner on 16th, 17th and 18th Fbodz Production 2010. I gonna miss out the company dinner.. Don't feel like celebrating it with only a few peeps that I know.

Should I call for a birthday celebration?


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