December 7, 2009

Missy J in the house

***Long post ahead, pictures and words.

Pretty new, pretty strange.

I'll officially become a Patient Care Associate(PCA) on 14 december.

I got a new temporary to permanent job by this Job agency call Search Network. They introduce me to Patient Service Assistant(PSA) but i told them I prefer PCA. I hope I didnt make thwe wrong choice. I hope all is well and I can cope. Worst still, I'm pretty uncomfortable with the uniform. The skirt is long and I look like a nurse. PSA uniform is pretty much nicer. You know how much I am someone who wants to look pretty. No, not that I dont like nurse but it just feels pretty weird. I'm a Diploma in IT. Lol.

Okay, this is the different two. Look pretty different yes? PSA look more professional with the blazer. PCA look like a staff nurse. You know I just dont know how if I should bring clothes to change everyday or wear straight, it is just so troublesome. Wearing like PSA still seems fine, I'm having such headache.

Two jobs to handle now, I still cant bear to let go Cotton On. Blame it on the staff discount and having so much people wanting to be in the job. There was once three people come in a day and ask if they still needs sales associate.

The old fashioned shoe.

University Dermatology Clinic.
I'm under this Clinic which specialists is skin disorder. It manage all dermatology inpatients and referrals. It also run daily outpatient clinics and provide specialized investigations and treatments in all aspects of dermatological problems.

For more info and popping by to visit me click here! (:

I am going to be a MOOOOOO in order to earn more MOOLAHSSSSSSSSSS.


Snaps from Dance Xplosion 4, Preliminary rounds.


Cheryl, Veron and me.

Alvin, Dion and Zen.

Baby and me.

Funshine! (:


Alodie, Reggae oh!

Valerie, thanks for always being so supportive.

Carryn, ballerina.

Regina, taiwan taiwan.

Alicia, dimple deep deep.

Andee, the tall and dark one.

Jinwen, the tall one.

My group members,

Cheryl, like mermaid.

Veron, wild rocker mon mon <3

Dion, moley man.

Zen, cool cool.

Raizan, clown teacher.

Alvin, nice nice boy <3

Group picture..

With Style Fo Shizzle.


Much love to Mind Your Step!
I've learn alot through this journey and it may be the very last competition till dont know when. I really enjoy the team bonding though there might have conflicts and all. I bet everyone gain something throughout this whole experience and grow. AZA AZA fighting! Hope everyone doing well.

Basic Instinct are your doing well too? (:

During finals..

Big head shots.

Crazy stuffs when we started to do our costume.

Last but not least,

Much thanks to those who came to support! Really appreciate alot. We've bring ourselves to the next level.. Woohoo. MYS gathering some time?

To my dearest Thoo..

I really glad that we join competition together, our very first one. Our first chance to dance together and appear on the same stage. I love you much much! We've been together seven months already, more to come ya!? More chill pills treasures (:


Life been busy yet not so. I didn really meet up with people in fact resting at home. I'm feeling so tired everday that I just want to sleep. All I have an aim in life now is to work hard and earn alot. Pretty much things in mind but I didnt fulfil. Pretty much number I lost and people to meet.

I'm using a temporary phone now, lost alot of contacts. Hopfully when my line contract ends on the 20th, I can get a new phone.

Yes hello, 16th is my birthday..

13th is Oschool Recital at Republic Polytechnic, come down and watch us shine. It'll be a really great performance by Oschool Instructors and all the fellow dancers. Let's all sparkles like diamond. Be sexy! ;)

YES, tonight gonna be a good good night.
(PS. I just feel so lazy to go online, lesser perhaps. I'm just a call away. Maybe I should just go MIA and nobody actually wonders.)

I miss you,
and all of you.

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