November 7, 2009

December coming too soon

For love, for family and friends.

Hi all, I pretty like my gold sneakers(high-cut).

Now it's already November, time seems to flies really fast. It's really cold and freezing. Hahah. March 12 was like a blink and I'm still here with what I have. Nothing been really increasing especially moolahs but I know those white strands and wrinkles got more to say. I'll work really hard from now on. December is on its way and it marks my 'two', it's really time for me to be mature. I need to learn some chores and be like "can enter kitchen, can enter heaven".

That day I met a new friend, till then I havent have a chance to watch him in cinemas.

Aint he adorable? (;

Here's Mind Your Step(with Cheryl and Zen missing) with the mighty atom dooper whooper cute electronic robot boy, ASTRO BOY.

Two more weeks to Dance Xplosion Four.. thinking about from the premilinary round of 44 groups to 5 in finals seems like a OMG WTF. It seems wow and it's a die die must be good. There's still alot to be sync, emotions and expression. What's more.. the energy level have to be constant. Go MYS! (:

Go BI! I miss your!!! Hope everyone doing well now.. And I'm very happy to see Rahim and Jaylene at SDZ waves 14 concert. Talking about the concert, the concept was pretty interesting and I really like their Lyrical Jazz item. It makes me think of FBodz production and how cui my Jazz was.

Recital vetting tomorrow and it have been two weeks since I've reggae practice.. I'm pretty worried.

Anyway, Keita flew back to Japan yesterday.

Bon voyage my friend from Japan, it's was nice knowing you. Thanks for encouraging BI and liking our Kungfu. It was an acknowledgement of us though we didn get into semi-finals. It was fun sessioning together too! :D




All of us, keep in contact through facebook! Hehe.


For love:

Surprise! HAHAH.


Happy 6th months baby!
Thanks for always encouraging me and saying I'm the best and all. I'm really glad to have you. I'm use to see you every night(and 'cos we leave so near, it seems we got no reason not to meet). I really appreciate all the things you have done and taking care of me. We've got more to come!

More photoshoot and tanning session. I shall wait for holidays to come. Hopfully we'll have an outing soon. We havent catch Astro Boys and more chill pills! (:

Lovely picture..

More sunset to watch, more love to grow.

Every moment,
as simple as it is.

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