October 27, 2009

Dearest Shin

Something to express, beyond words.

Last week, Shin went of to Hong Kong(and soon to New York).

Alot of us wont be able to see you for quite awhile. I believe alot of us will miss you alot. Shin a really great friend yes!? We'll see you and have a massive outing when you come back in six months time.

I'm really glad to know you and not forget Ovation, Wednesday and Basic Instinct. They're really great memories to be treasure. Everytime I think back I smiled. It feels great to work as a team, laughing, screaming and everything else. Though I dont really know you for very long(as well as the other members of BI), your makes me feel belong.

Here's some pictures of BI(Basic Instinct)!

Featured Alvin(COA), missing Fishball.

The eight of us (:

I dont mind travelling all the way to the east again. Then I got so angry when alot of your came late and start scolding vulgarities. I miss learning some ganster kungfu clearing all the lil mama. Woohoo.

Together, a song by all of us.

..with our heart and soul.

Like sand, falling in an hour glass
Time's run out
Now all of your bags are packed
And there's no way out
Though i've been dreading this day
No, i won't ask you to stay

Goodbye, but i hope its not the end
I'll keep the faith,... that i'll see you again
As you go, cause now is the time
Your dreams take flight
I hope in everything you do
May the Lord be your guide
Until we meet again
This is goodbye

As your page turns, to start a new chapter
Please be strong
When the nights get too cold, and days too bitter
You gotta hold on
Just think of the times we've shared
Look in your heart, and you'll find me there


Much love to Martin Shin Yuk Yu! (:

P.S. I'm been rather stress up with jobs hunting that I dont have mood to update. I will try to update more, there's too much pictures in my lappy that gonna suffocate me too. Stay Tune! Ah yes, I still dance at times and I've been spending 'cos of Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkin Sales. OH MY MY.. I really need mooooooooss. And I'm growing lazier and fatter.

Like spring,
and winter.

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