August 2, 2009

Simple (simply)

I've to break through.

Hi, my name is Jessica.
..and since I've such a common name I want to be special. I too wish I can be as hot as Alba with wow wow figure or maybe have super powers. This days I keep imagine I'm japanese or taiwanese 'cos of my hair color.


Days have been pretty pack with dance and work. Extra time all goes down to a small nap at home or Thoo's house, if not a meet up with some peeps. Performance for Gen's project have ended and now it's Suntec. This is my second time joining a dance competition beside Danceworks '08, I'm getting all hype up. I love my crew mates, Basic Instinct (:

Shin and mine Sexy Diamond bag. Saw the yellow one at studio also..

Shin, doodlepants and zoey.

Our group picture.. It's pretty blur and messy but that's like the only time where everyone was here with full attendance. Hopfully more pictures to come, Bryant face was blocked ): Aza Aza BI! AZA AZA Audrey, Bryant, Jonas, Kevin, Keiths, Martin, Veron and me!


Weeks ago, I completed my Reggae Course I.

Reggae feels like a challenge 'cos my hips kind of retarded. LOL.. and I feel pretty stiff dancing Reggae. I cant wait for Reggae Course II! Hips dont lie.. Shakira shakira..

Group shot with An An :D


Random pictures at work..

With Yvonne, Nathini and Sharifah.

With Nicole.



That day we wore a mask.

The wonders.

There's excitement, more and more to come.

Feel you.

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