February 9, 2013

Experimental Studio Shoot

Photographs credit to Darren Teng

Weeks ago, I've my first studio shoot (err... maybe not first but one in a very long time.)

It was pretty challenging as the photographer idea was something I've never tried before. It is not the usual vintage photos I love to take but "Low Key Photography".

Low-key photography is a terrific challenge for both the novice and the experienced. It is a very simple technique that brings instant drama to an image. Like most other forms of photography, it is all about illumination and elimination. A low-key image is one that contains predominantly dark tones and colours.

My tasked was also to model self-designed harem pants provided by the Photographer.
The feel of the shoot is to portrays alternative fashion, and yes he actually have his own online store too.

At the start of the shoot, not forgetting...

Styling! Eheheh. Special thanks to Andrea for the make-up and hairdo, I am really bad at it.

So here's the photographer, Darren Teng's master piece...

 I pretty much love this outfit! Don't you think I look like some Street Fighter character or is there any manga character that I resembles? Lol.

For this look, my outfit consists of black cheongsam (my personal piece), corset and black harem pants. This is my pretty much my first time wearing such corset. It's pretty tight but nonetheless it makes me look ultra slim and curvy. Hahah. I like the lace details too.

My Inner-self.

Me against gravity, against the world.

An impromtu idea by Andrea and poof! My first studio "Levitation Photography".
Don't you love how the dress flow up and float in air? And I look like I am flying.

If you're interested in 'Low Key Photography" or professional studio shoots, you can check out Dteng Photos for Darren's works.

Some day, I will be proficient in Studio Shoot too! Eheheh.

Dream. Believe.Achieve.

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