June 12, 2009

Revolves around (you).

Dear simply-jess.blogspot.com,

How are you feeling? It've been years you've go through with me. You know me the best and no matter what happens.. you accompany me through thick and thin(and you know my darkest deepest secrets). Now, you still will know what happen throuugh my life, and be my listenining ear that keep all the rants and memories.

You know sometimes I may just go crazy(in any form).

All of a sudden I realise my blog is so old. Then I realise I'm growing old too. I should keep aside all my childhood dreams and be "leg step reality floor".

Life now feels kind of routine. Every week I've to plan my work(or availabiility) at Cotton On. Monday prolly morning(M) or afternoon(A) shift, Tuesday M5(730-1230), Wednesday will be off 'cos to me is a special day.. An An's Hip Hop Open Class.. a day I dance and I smile! Thursday for now morning would be work then Reggae course, I still suck. Friday prolly work long shift, if not go down see grand junoirs? Woohoo.

Then it turns to Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday is a dance day again or support my fellow dance mates(if there is an event goin on). Sunday family or work day!

There there, where my extra time goes to?

Possibly extra sleep and meetups with friends. With Thoo too! And I'm glad that we stay kind of near if not.. no hugs every night before oink! LOL.

AH YES, I'm kind of annoyed or agitated when people keep asking why the hell do I not go to Univeristy or find a proper full time job. If all they think I'm slacking my life away without earning great moolahs.

Aint retail shop a proper job too? Is it that bad I work part-time(for now) 'cos I've official graduate? Tsk.
(Though deep in I really feel lost and dont know what I want except earning those moolahs.)

Since I'm working at a retail shop now, I'm practically facing all kind of clothes.

I face fashion tops, gladiators, sandals, pumps, caps, fedora, bras, undies and all sort of you-name-it. My pocket is burning a hole. A MEGA ULTRA ONE. My whole cupboard is COTTON ON, COTTON ON, COTTON ON......

Of 'cos now is Great Singapore Sale,

It feels that Cotton On is like some pasar malam. You can probably see alot of people flipping the clothes like nobody business. Probably high-class pasar malam? LOL. I probably say this a few times but HELLO bra and basics for FIVEmoolahs and can try until you shiok. Which auntie or blangladesh dont want to buy?

I'm sorry if I'm being racist or auntie-ish. But it's a fact for I'm a auntie at times.

Or perhaps if those who are not tempted by the sales, here's what you can do to your old adidas shoe or sneakers. First, find super striking neon tapes.. prolly two to three colors. Next cut the tapes and paste them nicely onto your shoe..

..cool uh?

I saw this other few cool shoe that people customise..

Cute? I hope I can draw as nice.

Here's some ways you can tie your shoe laces..

One: The normal way.

Two: The normal way two.

Three: The checked way.

Four: The crossed way.

Fifth: I feel this is a very cool way. HAHAHHA.
..maybe some day I shall try tie my shoe lace this way.

I too cut my fringe and now I've got bangs..

I look like toot toot now but Thoo still likes ya? (:
I cant wait for sunny island session and baking session next week! I wanna become chocolate color as well as munching probably chocolate biscuits too? Nothing crops up please! Yipee.

I'm too tired and lazy till I went high.

Your hug means alot
it's like a drug.

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