June 22, 2009

Ten days

Every chance that I receive, I'll treasure.

That day we turned charcoal.

It've been like a while since I've update. Days have been pretty pack with dance, work and meetups with peeps. I met up with Wen to sing K and I was like a noob in Party World.. I was amaze by the lightnings. Then we eat and eat. I've a meet up with some classmates too before Leslie go NS. We'll miss you! I met up with cousin Eve for shopping and a job interview for events too. Hopfully I got another part time job.. MOOLAHS!

I went to support fellow Fbodz mate who join Jim Bean competition at double O too, it was like my second time there. Somehow the feel was better, or perhaps there are many dancers. We met Kevin, Jonas, Keith and Bryan there.. Veron and me was so happy! Then this days I start to know more and more dancers, I'm really glad.. and I feel that my dance journey just started.

This is getting exciting, eh? (:

Now peektures shall talk..

Upon arriving.

I like this shot! Our eyes look similar.


In our own world.

Favourite shot.

Piggy back.

Act emotional.

This sunny island, I love. WOO.

My tanned was pretty obvious that after we went for An An's class, some asked me "WAH, you sunburnt ar?". Lol. Still, I like my new tanned 'cos I wouldnt look so pale already. I wanna have free blusher. Heheh.






Away with fairies.

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