May 23, 2009

Fruitful day

I know you'll be there, always.





That day Thoo and me went to Ikea.

It's been awhile since I went there. We walked around, act retarded and starts to snap snap. Then we try to hunt for places or decoration that can take picture with super good feeling. The journey starts..

The children section.

Alot more randoms on the way..

Nerdy look.

Our eyes look pretty small, I like (:



I like this top.

Here's a couple of scene..
Scene one - Living room.

We're trying to pilloww fight. Lol.

Scene Two - Study.

I look stress.


Scene three - Bedroom.

Thoo taking care of sick me. HAHHAHA.

Scene four - Super got HWEE-LING scene.

Favourite (:
Hmms, the story goes like this..

One fine day, Girl J was feeling down and look out of the window. Another fine day Boy A was feeling down and look out of the window. THEN some fine day both Girl J and Boy A coincidently came upon the same window. And they give each other a hug to cheer each other up!

Which scene do you like best? Heheh.


Just now when I went to work. The whole Cotton On BODY is like some pasar malam. BUT more of HIGH CLASS PASAR MALAM. HAHAHHA. The undies, bras are like free. Where can you find 5Moolahs bras and you can try? Somemore somemore you can find so pretty g-string and lace lace undies at cheap dirt price. WOW.

I nearly suffocate and doing POS was non-stop. In addition having blocked nose makes me cant breathe properly. When girls go shopping expecially sale it is damn scary. (I nearly forget I'm a girl myself xD) The GSS sales gonna kill all of us.. Blessed me. Lol.

Go colleagues! Go Cotton On!

I'll have a good night sleep 'cos someone sang me a great lullaby.
There's rainbow.


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