May 16, 2009

Shopping Craze & Cotton On Body

In my eyes, there's only you.

That day I wore back to back.

Few days ago, I met up with Eugenia and we went shopping. There's crazy sales in Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse and etc at 50% discount. Again I'm addcited to printed stuff and I got myself a top or you can say it dress. There's adiction 15% discount for UOB card.

As usual, girls camwhore in the fitting room. The lightnings are pretty cool and it been ages since I take picture with her. And I love you too! :D

I like this top of mine..

Dont you like it too?


Hey guys, Lot One Shoppers' Mall (Chua Chu Kang) outlet Cotton On is up!

I'm like almost working there more to the adult. I'm officially facing bras and undies almost everyday. It's rather hilarious Zhijie came to pop by with his girlfriend and his face seems to me that how pathetic state I'm in. HELLO, is working part-time in a retail now 'cos I've graduate seems pathetic? It's a decent job and I aint wandering around. NBCB. Lol.

Cotton On Body.
There are knickers for like 3 for $25, undies for 5 for $30, boxes for 3 for $30, buy one bra and second one half price.. BLAH BLAH BLAH. People visit me okay! If you want discount come to my outlet, if I happy I'll give you. HEHHE.

One of the shop decoration..

This is so cute. Then Kenneth commented if a guy walk pass and the bra or undies drop on his head, he is gonna be so suey. Tsk tsk.

I'm so tired of working and getting tired 'cos I'm lack of sleep. But then again if I dont work I will feel bored and there will be no moolahs coming in. Humans are just so contradicting.

I'm pretty sorry to Wednesday (Ovation) crew that I cant meet you guys for session and TP is VERY far. I'm pretty sorry to monmons too that I seldom see you guys. I'm pretty sorry to Besties that I always cant make it for dinner. Then I feel guilty to Mum 'cos I cant even have proper dinner. I feel sorry to some friends and classmates that I cant meet them up too. And to boy I'm glad at least we can always meet up on the way home or supper.

Hopfully, I can try to make time for everybody.. as well as dance more often.

For you,

Super big chill pill look-alike (:

It sure make us smile and stays happy.


It's pretty cool how we start to notice each other. The color red seems magical or eye catching. It seems pretty nice that we grow this kind of passion. It seems pretty amazing how we began to know each other and much more after. Then things start to change and there's this chemical reaction. Perhaps that's when the feeling call love came upon.

Grass needs soil.

Missing you.

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