April 19, 2009

Taiwan Trip 2009 Part One

Will it last? Or how long will it continues?

That day it was my first flight.

I'm pretty glad Dad and Mum came to send me off. I'm glad they allow me go Taiwan though it's pretty funny that they dont usually allow me to stayover or go home real late. And this time I'm going so far away. Well, some Fbodz peeps and Wednesday crew people came too. Thanks Andee for the lolipop and Chan for the chocolate! It helps to kill or maintain me notto become so nervous 'cos of the pressure. I'm glad to see Veron too!

That's my parents.

Wednesday Crew.


The girls.

My batch from Fbodz.


Everyone of us!

During the plane ride..

Ah Hei sat beside me. This is the first time I really talk to you and it feels good. :D

Upon arriving..

We all waited 'cos the Taiwanese werent there in time. We feel kind of upset for a moment.. or I am. Lol. We didn manage to sit scooter too 'cos it was too late and got too many of us. We went to take their MRT and our luggage was in a lorry.

Look at KS and Jin.

With Jacky.



ME! :D

The very lovely couple.

Sweet yea? Haha.

On the way to our hotel..

And yea, did I mention that the floor in Kaohsiung is so nice? It sparkles and for that Jairui says he wants to migrate to there. HAHAH. Or he says something similar to that.. If all those was real gold, I wwill be rich.

The guys.

Check out my flash.

After packing our luggage and stuff, we went to Liu He (Six River) market.

Bun and Bev.

Our first food we try in Taiwan..

It looks abit eww but it still taste not bad though.

Thhe dance game machine.

See how engross they are with the game, the way the character dance huh, POWDERFUL. LOL.

We went to 7-11 too..

Check out the kawaii drinks packaging.

And look what I found, Kinder Surprise! I think it's no longer selling in SG? I got a great toy few days back then, It eyes will change to heartshaped. It's limited edition one. I showed that to alot of people! (:

Then it marks end of day one in Kaohsiung.

I'll update more of Taiwan when I'm free. Most of the pictures can be found in my Facebook though I havent finish uploading them. Add me in facebook or create an account yo. I miss the peeps there and those who always take care of me and worried that I go misisng. You know who you are, I suppose? :DDD


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And yes, I dont want anyone to be sad 'cos of me 'cos I treasure everyone of your. So please do cheer up.. dont be emotional please.

Last night, someone sent something to my heart.

It made my day (:

Mr Pill.

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