April 3, 2009

Now it's my turn..

If I can I wanna capture everything, then capture them into my heart.

This is last year Taiwan's trip video.

How will mine be like? I am so excited oof the first plane flight, and am so excited about riding on a scooter. I'm excited about prolly how much pictures I gonna take. I'm excited about Max Party, I'm excited about performing, I'mm exciting about food, I'm ezcited about shopping.. Bassically excited over everything!
(Ps. See how my excitment leads me to type wrongly.)

Anyway, I've pack my luuggage..

*bagpack credit to A2, thanks for lending me! :)
I bring along my 晴天娃娃 and pray for smooth sailing journey. Hope everyone will be happy and no emo shoo shoo. There is a buddhist bracelet on the neck of 晴天娃娃 from Mum too. Then two kinder joy to surprise me if I got bored or feel hungry throughout the journey! Hahaha.

*pictures credit to Trix

I love this two shots. There are still alot of pictures I havent got from her. The pictures are taken from Chinatown and we went Red Dot Museum too, it's pretty lovely. Then that day I wore this pretty leggings which Wednesday Crew saw and said it gothic. And Ter I will wear the funny spectacles during the trip!

Suddenly I feel I'm like a noob who dont know everything. But it will be fun 'cos I wont know what happen next ya?
I'll be away from the 3rd - 10th to Taiwan.
..miss me people, I'm starting to miss! :D

Suddenly, I cant bear to live.

Bon Voyage.

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