March 25, 2009

Subway eat Fresh

I've so much to work on, can I do it?

I love the chocolate cookies.

That day I meet up with Xue for dinner. The other day I meet up with Wen for dinner. I didn bring my camcam out when I'm with Xue. We camwhore next time okay! I always eat Teriyaki Chickenn. For so many times I ate Subway, I havent try the other flavours.. how devoted huh. Lol.

And yes, Wen was talking about NS guys and we didn notice that the group of guys behind were from NS. We are so malu please and feel like digging a hole and stuck our head in. Speaking of NS guys, two asked for my number last week. One secondary school boy too. All feel like a prank or their eyes got stamp.

Now, look carefully..

Wen grow amazingly TALLER.

See what see, stare what stare.

Surprisingly pale and scare.

Hopfully one more meetup with the both of you soon. Sorry I'm quite busy at night that I cant meet though we just stay few blocks away. Love! :D

So yes I've make my mind to go Taiwan. Mum came back and she bought me this windbreaker, it's a mixture of black and purple. My first reaction was actually "Ewww, I wont wear that." I sound kind of mean but after more look and upon trying, it actually aint that bad. I feel touched as simple as that.

That day we have this KFC dinner and I feel blessed.

Finally, everyone was home and a good meal together. The house seems so lively all of a sudden though I'm seldom home early. It's the feeling yes? It's pretty nice to feel the presence, or perhaps absence really makes the heart grow fonder.

.. for those joining Groove in the West(especially Groov-E cos son in there! ..and Kinder Joy cos I only know neighbour), Emerge, Club Crawl 2009 and of 'cos Max Party in Taiwan! TPDE concert too(Martin and Kevin), morally support okay!

It's been awhile since I dance madly.

I know I can.

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