March 26, 2009

I cried watching this..

Maniac (:
They are so powerful, I wonder where they get their energy from. I hope one day I can dance like them, especially their expressions. I gonna work hard for Girls Hip Hop! I will eat more meals so I got more energy. HHAHAH.

It's been very long since I sweat like this...

Woo woo wee.

Regina and me.

Tyron stand so high.

Let's all AZA AZA!

And yes, part of my hair is damn short now. I kind of regretted asking the guy in Toni and Guy to chop them. I'm helping him with this hair show on Saturday together with Trix. He told me it's for their graduation and their theme is circus. For his he choose fairy and clown. I'm so gonna be a fairy this saturday.

I wanna have a magic wand to make wishes come true...


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