March 9, 2009

My Woman

How nice is it to be nice? Will that gain something? Why not just be a bad egg?

I love leopard prints.

That day I meet up with Eug. We went walking around and have a chat. It's been quite a while since I saw her.. and I wore heels with her that day. Then she says she still prefer me to wear dress and girly. We update each other regarding our lifes. Hmms..

The first person I know frm NYP and brought me to dance :)

After went to her house to get the bag she want to give me like few months ago. I love it woman! Thanks ya. Then she showed me pretty touching stuff that Daryl gave her. Awwww, treasure your boy and happy ever after okay!?

Messy shot.

Love :D

More meetups before you go back okay! We havent really take alot of pictures and we havent camwhore as much like we used to last time. We should have a proper outting. I'm waiting for your own blogshop so I can be your model! HAHHA. I will advertise it, like now..

A moment ago..
Another J: Just check your blog. Sounds like someone in love. =p
J: Cant I just love dance? At least dance make my heart warm and fulfil (:
Another J: Can. But dance can't take you out, hug you when you're cold during a movie, or snuggle under the sheets with you on a stormy night :)

..but perhaps that's no heartache and endless waiting.

No sign.

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