March 7, 2009

Endless emotions

How many times will you look out(or up) and see the sky? How many times will you see how the cloud changes or how many stars there are? Just how many times will you catch a glimpse?

I would say plenty.

Suddenly I feel like there's an aim. It feels like I am going back time, to the time I once have this love. This love makes me feels happy, it put up a smile on my face. I am happy to see other having love for this too. At times seeing how much other put on hardwork for this love, I feel a sense of emotions rushing.. then your eyes feel teary and it's changes to a smile again. Aint this love wonderful? But just how long can I hold on to you?

If possible, as long as possible.

Thanks for
coming to my side
and make my life
even brighter and
colorful like rainbow
I love you.

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