March 12, 2009

Another Sunny Yellow Banana Day

At times things are superficial, but you just have to be glad..

That day I am back at Sentosa.

It's been some time since I went to Sentosa to suntan. The last few times I went was probably last year before production? Then subsequently was work at Cafe Del Mar and that was pretty tiring. It's still my favourite Island afterall 'cos I pretty like the sand, the breeze and the sea.. what's more with a group of friends.

That day we got a driver..

Leslie :D

It so happened that he rent a car and we have a ride to the Island. For me it's pretty exciting 'cos I seldom sit on a car somemore someone who just got license. The car was pretty noisy and when we parked the car, its alarm rang non-stop.

That explains Angie reaction.

We found ourselves a pretty spot under the shade..

We got ourselves tibits aand drinks.

Those who wants to get tanned goes out of the shade..

Dont you just lovee the colors of the sky and the combination of the Island?

Angie's speciality: helping people put suntan lotion.

Individual shot :D

Group shot before we went to play with water..

I pretty like this.

This suppose to be Angie and me but.. oh well.

Favourite heart-shaped pose.

One of my favourite shot.

Ruby and me.

Attempt to jump..

Pretty high yea?


Then it marks the end of the sentosa trip. There's much more pictures but I'm getting lazy. I wonder when will I meet up with you guys again and go for some great excursion. Take care yo ;)

Yesterday morning when I woke up, Grandma told me she bought a DIY cupboard. After I ate Dad and me went to fix. We took really long time to fix the cupboard and Dad was sweating like mad. Everytime half way through the process, I eat snake and went to look at the computer. When the whole cupboard is done, I thought Grandma wanted to put her clothes.. Then I realised it was actually for me. Then she hang the clothes which lay very long outside the wooden cupboard into this DIY cupboard. Aww, I feel something inside.. something warmth.

I feel so bad that everytime when I am home, I do practically nothing. I sat infront of the computer facebook-ing, friendster-ing, msn-ing, youtube-ing and the-list-goes-on. When I woke up, within half an hour or less I'm out to practically work or out shopping, dancing or slacking. I feel in a way I can be a better granddaughter or daughter but some part of me just got too lazy. It's always the case everything I respond later, OKAY, I will do that.. YEA oh yea..

Dad and Mum going overseas tomorrow, I bet I gonna miss their presence. Then weeks later I gonna be in Taiwan.. I wonder how will it be like. My first flight, my first overseas trip with a group of friends, my first time going somewhere far away.. my first time leaving Singapore and what if, what if something happen to me and I dont come back anymore?


And nowadays I dont know what got into me that I keep forgetting things. I remembered I have to do this but moments later I forget. OR I keep telling the same person repeated things.. OR i forget that alot of my friends are having attachment or final year project that I keep asking them out. OUCH, just what's strong with my brain.

Oh hello yes people, visit me at Cotton On for the next three days. I will be working practically till closing. Bring me sweets, drinks, biscuits, tibits or whatever.. FOOD makes me a happy person. I've rest for three days and I gonna chiong for three days.

I think 'auntie' gonna visit me soon..
Goodbye and see you next time.

Treasure whatever possible?

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