February 1, 2009

Dont you understand

I'm home on night rider again.

It's quite surprising that for this week, I've been practically taking night rider for three days. First was CNY day one when I went to watch movie with classmates. That day I reached home like 2 plus. Yesterday, I went to Eugenia's 21st birthday party and was home late too.

The ride yesterday was horrible. I left Downtown East around 1 15. Then went to the bustop with Still Thinking classmates and meet Dennis. We waited for like half and hour for NR7 and we decided that would lead us to Somerset station. We reached Somerset like 240? GOD, my ass like burning. LOL. But the fun part is I never sit NR7 before and it bypass Geylang. There are so many cars and nice food around, and I'm not only talking about 'chicks' but real food. I've never eat there before. Yum yum. Then at around 3 I sat NR3. By the time I bathe and etc, it was already 4.

Just to save ten plus moolahs and not to ask my Dad to fetch me, I took a three hour jouney back

Just now, after Zouk performance(which the whole event sucks) and City Alive I took night rider again. I basically walked from City Hall all the way to Somerset just to take the NR3, I cant find bustop that have that. I was walking around town alone 'cos the rest was decided to go Esplanade to chill. I reached Somerset like 3 and the bus came like 330. I reach home like 4.

'Cos my handphone going die soon I called Dad to inform if he cant find me, dont be worry.

When I reach home downstairs, Dad reached too and so we went up together. Mum sort of scolded me or nag at me not to be home so late the next time. I was pretty upset 'cos those late wasnt what i want. I seldom been home late and I know you will be worried. But in a way maybe I should have just given a call saying I will be late..

You know how much I am old enough to take care of myself,
I'm just trying to save MOOLAHS.
and you know how much I constricted myself for not doing alot of stuffs. I dont like to be home too late too but at times I like it. For CNY I went to watch late movies, for friday I celebrated my besties birthday, for just now, I supported my fellow Fbodz friends.


Now my hair so wet I cant sleep and start all those nagging again. For this whole day I scold alot of vulgars and I got myself really giddy. I got a free Tiger beer and I drank. WOO, I'm sucha noob. I kind of miss my computer also when my clock strikes at certain time. I feel like rushing home and YEA.

Just now, halfway through..
I cant on it at some point of time. Then awhile it can be on but not off. Now, the lense wont close and I cant on it.. and if I cant on it.. all my pictures cant be uploaded, unless someone lend me a memory card reader.

Then just now I dont know if someone act if he doesnt see me. Tsk tsk. And in the afternoon I saw something which I shouldnt have spotted.

ARGGHH, enough rantings.

No one
no one...

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