February 11, 2009

SMU Bondue Bash '09 at Zouk

I'm feeling so different..

The theme was Safari Night.

The overall experience was in a way fun, yet in a way it wasnt. We reached that like 1530+ and we do was wait and wait. The performance supposingly should start at 1930 but the organiser kept on dragging. Alright, the crowd wasnt exactly great but we are in need of time. Then when we request for drinks, then they initiate to buy. We performed at around 2050 and off we rushed of to City Alive and Funkamania.

This year Funkamania wasnt exactly great. As in 'cos it was a combination with City Alive, it kind of mess up. Those who want to support dont exactly have space to watch. But still, Trademark, Ruff Jack Represent and Poppers Action Party were great!

Peektures time! ..and what've left in my SONY T33.

Messy shot.

Big head shots with..











No more pictures from Sony T33 anymore, next time will be Fujifilm J110W.

More shots from Ceekay's DSLR..

I look so fierce.

Acting or being sexy.

I like the colors.

The leopard tent.

Toot-toot train.

I love you guys!

Anyway, here's Adidas advert.


Aint this cool? Shaqilah, so hot!

So that marks the end(:

After a long chat with another J, my mindset is so blank now. I wonder how complicated one's mindset is.. and what everyone wants is different. Perhaps at times someone just appear to be there. It come to a point of time I dont understand anymore, or perhaps I just take one step at a time.

It's just two different world which is so close.

Anyway, I am back to work at Cotton On and have quitted the job at Cafe Del Mar. Work this days is fun in a way or perhaps it've been a very long time since i fold so many clothes. Anyone wants to visit me or pop by with food? I will be touched to the max! HAHA.

Talking about food, I should stop eating fried food. I've been eating fast food that my throat is kind of awlful. It seems very dry and I need to drink lots of water. Strepsils help in a way too! Recover lah throat.

In my dreamland.

No one else

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