February 28, 2009

New Videos for my love

*Videos from jesslim's youtube.

Before I go to bed..

Zouk Performance on the 31st Jan at SMU Bondue Bash 2009.
The videos is still kind of dark though I already adjust the lightnings for the time till 4:50? After was pretty clear and comes locking. The whole performance wasnt very perfect but it was a nice experience! Looking at it, I really miss dance, been three weeks. Com'on J, get your ass and shake..
(Video above credited to Jeanie, edited by J.)

Valentine's day!
It says all and I shall post about it soon. Love you bitches! HAHAHA.

And yes yes, there's this booth regarding jobs at Marina Square. I signed up for this Media Academy thing for being apprentice. It's about TV film, radio and production. Though I know nuts about it.. I hope they call me. I seriously dont mind learn all from scratch and get pay tweeny weeny. PLEASE CALL ME SINGAPORE MEDIA ACADEMY.

I need a proper job since I didn apply for University :( Dont asked me why I dont and WTH am I planned to do next, I am seriously lost. It seriously dont feel so good to grow old.

In few hours time, another cousin of mine is getting married. I gonna be sisters again, I hope it will be fun and the angbaos would be WOW-WOO-WEE. Talking about her wedding, my cousin is so suey that she met a flasher days ago.. then she got phobia to take lift and almost trip when she walked up the stairs home. Hope the wedding would make her forgets all and remember the pretty moments.

Not jingle bells but wedding bells..

Spices please,
I dont quite like bland.

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