March 3, 2009

V for Valentine

That's the least I can do, not any more.

That day I went buffet with Mum and then pinic with lovely.

I called up Mum that day and decided to have lunch. We both have the same thing in mind so we went to science centre - Sakura. As usual Mum will eat all the raw salmon and I will eat the cook food. She love raw salmon but I dont like those, so jelly feel. We eat till baozha.

I swear she is the prettiest Mum.

Big head shot.

I saw this round round container at science centre, so here I am inside!

After buffet, went down to Yishun to meet Audrey, Veron and Germaine. They went to buy the food and off we set to Aud's house. We cooked the sausuages, crab meat, bought ice cube.. and off we go. We went to Yishun Dam and that's the very first time I went there.

The mat, the breeze, the yummy gardenia bread with nutella and friends. Heh.

Our backview.

With Germaine.

Our individual shots..





Aud and Veron.

When we got too bored..

Aud and me imagine the green tea to be alcoholic drinks. The color was so similar.


Look, there's a plane.

No, it's superman.

On pavements.

Some random shots I pretty like, some of them taken by Veron.

The sky. The line left by the aeroplane makes me think of the Japanese movie Sky of Love. The show is really touching and it's really worth watching.




Sea snails?


All was blank.


Old couple.

We stay till the night around eight plus night. It gets kind of eerie and we were kind of scare. Or maybe I was kind of scare, and we were near quite a few blanglas. (I'm not being racist but you know.. ) Tsk tsk.

The reflections of the lights in the water was awesome!

That's marked the end of my Valentine day. It was kind of special for me 'cos I never been to a pinic. I too spread the love with my Mum and friends. So Valentine is Friendship day or Spread-the-love day!

I am so slow in updated my blog post nowadays. All the photos seems overdue be it a month or maybe two. I've been really tired this days again, and it seems that I dont sleep early. I should kick this bad habit. And I'm more of updating my facebook album more so do check them out okay!

Talking about work, I'm happy on Sunday.

It's pretty amazing that was the day seven coincidencely pop by the shop or came to visit me. First was Galvin and Sean which I never see before but recognised me in school campus. Thanks(again) for the Ribena sweet if you see this. Next was Ray. Then was Joseph but I didn get to see him 'cos I was on break. Calista describe him as spike hair boy and blue shirt. The moment she says that I knew it was him.. LOL.

Ziling was shocked to see me working there. Last was Eileen and bf.. she poke me and I was like immediately awake. I love your boots yea! Very nice.. Thanks all for popping by!

That Sunday seems so magical to see so many farmiliar faces. Your make my day in a way though my face is always expressionless. Kym mention why I wont smile and so blank or expressionless everytime. The word expressionless makes me think of dance.. expressionless my worst enemy? Or maybe something I need to work on.

Visit me at Cotton On people. I'll be really happy.

Late nights wont be same anymore, doesnt matter yea?


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