February 6, 2009

It's time to..

I'm now in the stages of denial, confusion, renewal.. will I reach contentment?

Goodbye Sony T33, I've found another partner..
(PS. The picture above is drawn by Chris, again.)

This impatient me went out with Mum few hours ago. I was struggling to choose between Sony W170 and Fujifilm J110W. Both of them can take pictures with wide angle but in some way, the pictures from Fujifilm seems clearer. On the other hand, I just love red and Sony W170 is RED.

In the end I choose this..

The J-Series camera from Fujifilm J110W. Coincidentally, my names start with J, so the J-series should suit J yes? Lol.

Affordability should never mean a compromise on quality, and the new FinePix J110w compact digital camera is no exception. The FinePix model boasts 10 megapixels, Fujinon 5x optical zoom and ISO 1600 light sensitivity as well as 640 x 480 movie recording capability with sound.

Available in Matt Black, the FinePix J110w brings you versatility and stylish design at an affordable price.

*ISO 1600 at full 10MP resolution/ ISO 3200 at 3MP or lower.

Doesnt this sounds wonderful? WOO. It sure is better than my T33 but perhaps I am so not use to the functions or the clarity of the camera, I feel it's not-so-good. Or perhaps I am just too use to Sony.

I shall post pictures taken with the camera like soon! I still got so many pictures on hands that i haven blog. I cant stop being camwhore so I cant live without a camera!

I'm kind of excited now...

It's nearing..
Will you be my Valentine?

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