February 5, 2009

Happy MOO Year - Day 2 and 4

I hope one day grass will bloom into flower.. will that ever happen?

That day, I received more angbaos.

I was kind of in a sleepy mood 'cos the previous night, I went to watch Inkheart. Go see the post regarding Happy MOO Year - Day 1. This year, relatives come to my house and it been few years since we host them. It's either at my old house at Clementi or my Uncles's house.

I didn exactly take much pictures. I took some with Eve, my favourite cousin! We are super opposite in our looks as well as skin color. I love her big big eyes and fair skin, but still.. I like my small eyes too! LOL. And I'm kind of excited that I gonna be sister again for her sister, Mandy's wedding on the 28th. That means pretty pretty, moolahs and nice DSLR pictures.

My small cousin..

I look like holding a 'magic wand' while she look like a witch? Hah. Then my poor hat was spoilt by the kids that day. Sigh. I remembered it was during Halloween Night Safari Ben got it for me. Oh well.

With cousin Eve..

Big head shot.

..and that marked the end of Happy MOO Year day 2. All was well and I won like 6MOOSLAHS from BlackJack. Woo.

Day 4.
Angie, Ruby, Daniel, Christopher and Leslie came to my house to 'bai nian'. It was kind of a last minute decision and my house is pretty far for most of them except for Daniel. Ruby stay at the very end! My god.

See, they love my Astro boy.

Some randoms and my at home look.

Mahjong-ing. I only know 'PONG' and 'CHI'.

They bully me when I keep the mahjong :(

The bak kwa(s), Ahshok favourite.

Mandarin orange promoter.
..you want some?

Then it marks the end of MOO year day 4.
Hope you guys have fun at my house! You guys have a better look of my black Astro Boy and GREEN Tweety. Lol. Thanks for always talking nonsense with me and making me laugh :D

Okay, did I mention my camera is dead? I went to Sony service center on Monday and receive a call on that day too. They said it's motherboard and shutter have spoil and to repair it.. I need to pay like 300 - 400MOOLAHS. I didn get it repair of 'cos and I am trouble whether to get a new camera. If I dont get, I feel weird 'cos for this 3 - 4 years, I always have my camera. If I get it, I may not save enough for Taiwan trip. I've collected the 'corpse' too.. So should I?

As illustrated above by Chris, this is how I am feeling right now.

"Dont care already LAH, just get a new camera and work like mad."

The worst scenario is that I wont go Taiwan for Max Party but go Taiwan for a vacation the next time. I am really confuse.. why camera die now? Tsk tsk. I MISS YOU SONY T33!

Anyway, what kind of person is J to you?

Crossroad -
straight ahead

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