February 24, 2009

Dreams & Makeover

At times you just hope it stops, 'cos you know the next thing you'll do is to playback..

Last night I've a nightmare.

In this bad dream of mine, there are alot of creatures. Then this dream seems so farmiliar, like I've use to dreamt before. I cant exactly remember how all exactly happen, all I know was there are stages for me to pass. Is that dream hinting me something? Or am I thinking too much?

This days I get kind of stress up that I questioned myself what I want to do. Or perhaps my mind is so blank that when friends around asked me what you gonna do now.. I start to get paranoid. At first my mind is clear, I know I want to work and earn as much to go Taiwan. Then after I would find a proper job. Then I start to hesitate.

It's so funny in a way my parents not so worried but my friends are.. I know they care.. and for some reasons, I feel so lost. I feel like running away, to take some breather some where.. and I need a shoulder. I feel I need that (or I thought would be)buddy I used to have.


Perhaps, I feel so old 'cos twenty is nearing yet I still feel sixteen. Lol. Aint I in the stage of denial now? Tell me how cow, tell me how now.. tell me the moos will stay by me.

Anyway, that day went for this free makeover at Isetan Ettussais' counter.

Fujifilm J110W =)

Trix and me, before.


She's so pretty!

With pretty makeup, die die must camwhore right?

Too much exposure of flash.


Now my own photoshoot.

Vampire teeths. =E

One of my favourite.

I like white walls or single color walls alot, do you?

Now self-entertainment again. Zara fitting room.

I love this dress alot BUT so ex! :(

We got so tired..

Mos Burger milk tea! :D

Last stop was Paragon..

The toilets got damn good lightnings. LOL. And I gonna compliment again that the girl who helped us makeup was so good. She's really nice and gentle. I like the way she curl my lashes too 'cos I wont know how to do that. Makeups do wonders.

I like this shot!

Now time to play with mirrors - reflections.

Trix, pretty and mature!




My trueself?

You can say camera capture moments but at times, is what capture all real? Is what that have been capture really says? You know at times what I see doesnt seems to be me, it feels like.. stranger.

Now, I dont want anymore of such.

I miss those nonsense.
Nothing more, really.
That's all I would ask for.

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