January 13, 2009

Nanyang Polytechnic Open House 2009

I'm following my heart yes? I'm not following my heart no? Where does this leads me to? Where can I go to? Where am I suppose to stay?

The feeling was great!

Everyone did a great job. For me I really like Circus and Sticky Dirty.. BUT I need to improve on my freestyle, the video I spot so many weird me. Lol. Thanks to those who came and support Foreign Bodies. I appreciate those who came down to watch me dance too, you know who you are! Heh.

Day 1 - 8th January

With pretty Cheryl.

My son! Cos he's ediSON.. And he called me 草妈 cos xinfuCAO. LOL.

Day 2 - 9th January

With Eileen. We still havent go out yet.. AWW.

With Regina.

With Germaine.

Group picture.

With Nic Ho. He's crazy over Wallux.

With Audrey.

With Sandra mon! MISS YOU.

Day 3 - 10th January

With Trix. Pretty costume and pretty Trix!

With the junoirs.

My bitch. LOVE YOU ALL.

Audrey, Cheryl, Veron, Germaine and J.

This is call Circus man! xD

Love the leather jacket!
Bought this at song&song at the price of $45, Adidas somemore.. how amazing? WEE.

With Ivan. Thanks for coming down! Appreciated :)

My hot hot babes.

We're the Circus! xD

With Shirlyn, she's always so hyper! Hah.

With Alan.

With RenQi.

With Daphne.

With Shirlyn, Colleen, Xuanyi and Rong Xin.

With Veron.

With some junoir boys and girls.

And again! The sexy and the spastics. HAH.

This marks the end of NYP Open House 2009. CHEERS.

Then this sentence strucks me again(or like everyday now) - "I AM SO GOING TO GRADUATE, MY FCUKING GOD!!" So to me now I must treasure everything especially dance. I will treasure performances to come, and the chance to go to taiwan. I'm thinking, if I dont join those or dance.. will I still dance alot or even dance after I step out of NYP? You know how much life will be so different if I wasnt in..
If I aint here I wouldnt know of Foreign Bodies and if I dont know Foreign Bodies I may not even dance. And 'cos of that I know so many of you.. be it my dance friends or classmates. I've grow to be a more confidence person.

Yes, now it seems like I've so much things to accomplish. At times I feel like I am dying.. if 草 die, how ar? Will there be another 草 growing back? You know 草生草...

Treasure whatever reachable.

Dont take things
for granted

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