January 8, 2009

Blank, moody, whatever.

我就像个傻瓜似的, 草会幸(心)福吗?

I'm seriously tired.

Performance just now was alright. I could have do better in terms of control and expressions. I looked at video and sometimes my posture kind of weird. The junoirs were great, they really improve alot. Then I suddenly miss junoir times.. Awww.

Before the first slot of performance starts, some guy wanted my number. He was dare by his friends to get my number. 'Funny'.

After the whole event, chill awhile and I went home. I have a craft for KFC so two piece chicken here I come! Heh. Mum and Granny was pretty shock that I came home so early. Talking about granny, Mum says she may need an eye operation like in two to three months time. If she never operate, one of her eyes will go blind. Shrugs. AH MA YOU MUST BE WELL OKAY.

Actually things are pretty simple(complicated).

Cross or circle
tic tac toe

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