January 25, 2009

HYPE all over

Photos credited to yeokaiwen @ flickr

It's finally out!

HJ pass it to me yesterday. I pretty like some articles inside and their photos are really nice. I spotted myself in three pages! Hehe. I dont mind having those photoshoot again, so if your need models, can find me again? It's a fun experience!

So that day, I went to Ngee Ann Polytechnic to meet them. Cheryl was supposingly one of the model too but she overslept :( The assistant of Brian, Tammy replaced her. We went to Dempsey Hill. It was my first time going there and the atmosphere and everything seems kind of cool.. romantic maybe? Anyone want to bring me there? Hmms..

The setup and etc.

The first date.

Double date one.
PS. I'm as light as feather. Lol.

Double date two.

Together with the HJ and toy. Lol.

The aftermath.

I still havent get those candid pictures and etc from them. I cant wait to post them on my blog. I really like clear pictures taken by DSLR, especially with good lightings and nice environment. Who doesnt huh? Especially such cam-whores like me. Woohoo.

Upon seeing the magazine..

I saw myself at the content page!

Love is in the air and pillow fight!

Besides the pages I appear, I pretty like..

I am kind of amazed how photoshop can make wonders. I guess I must go and learn it from scratch again. Now I only know how to adjust contrast and brightness, perhaps a few tools. I've forget about masking and etc.

Valentine's around the world.

I like this article too.
Having Faith.
"I see the person I am in love now with now as an extension of life, be it quiet company deep into the night or stirring episodes of laughter and tears."

"Wah lau, so who wanna extend my life? HAHHAHAH."

Okay, so that quote kind of crawl deep in.

No one says
that is easy

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