January 3, 2009

Jaynel's Wedding 071208 (con't) & long whines

Check out the video. I am the silencer(!!??WTF.. LOL) and I dont appear much :(

So I've received more pictures. Here goes..

The sisters kissing the bride.


I look a little weird here.

My favourite shot!

My New Year Eve was at work from 10AM - 8PM, I was food runner again. I like being that yet I hate it. I like it 'cos I always can eat free food, I dont like it 'cos the stuff are so heavy. I've been always carrying those and my back aches. After went to meet Aud, Ger, Sandra and SK at Vivo. Then Mount Faber to meet Joan, Veron, Catherine, Wayne, Jo and Pamela. We saw bit and pieces of fireworks from Marina Bay and Vivo City.

Happy New Year!

The part I love about this New year was the long route from Mount Faber back to Vivo City. I dont know if you guys like it but it was like a different, yet funny and scary experience. I cant see you, yet I can feel you. Long stairs, spiral stairs, coming stairs...

That day was my first time going Mount Faber too, seems nice and there are alot of stars.

Sorry I didn chill with your after that. I was tired or perhaps my mind wasnt quite there. Still I appreciate the moment together! LOVES. I shall update with pictures soon. Send me pictures Joan and Jo! All the J's all got peektures! xD

Aww, I am super tired now. Ghetto and Reggae is so fun! I look kind of hip hop dancing Ghetto though. Circus is fun too but like suddenly so many people learning huh.

AZA AZA everyone in Open House!
NYP, NP, SP, TP and RP too!

Kenneth sort of says he will pull me out of the list if I dont commit to two working days per week. "Hello, I am a good employee okay." Just put me out of the list 'cos it doesnt matter.. at least I have experience working in there already. I think I need time, how do I exactly cope man? I've got around 5 projects on hand, open house performance, funkamania zouk's performance, mummy's girl and the list goes on.

Dont ask me to stop dancing.

I got D+ for Benson's module. That paper fall on 12th Dec. Shrugs. How will my ICT be then? Can I just get at least a C?

For this whole semester I feel that I know nuts. All PHP, XML, Java and BLAH. So many websites need to be done and I got no bloody laptop. I havent even install the program and my dreamweaver is giving me problems.

Then the more I feel heavy, the more slack I am.

I am graduating like in one month or two, so fast please. I cant imagine me being an office lady or office girl or whatver you call in like three to four months time. Okay, let say i can imagine 'cos I dont want to fail any module. This is like the first and last sememester I worried yet I am damn slack or no mood. I sure I will miss school. I sure I will miss dance. I sure I will miss the friends around. I sure I will miss the lecturers lok-soh-ness that is like lullaby.

Why time so fast? Why time so slow? Why am I always blogging when I havent even complete my project? Who can I grumble to? Only you blog? Why do I sound so different today? Why do I got a shock or laugh when it dont matter anymore?

Then my brain is stuff with seashells and nuts and whatsoever. Probably butterflies too. I feel not so glam today. And suddenly I feel like scolding so much so much vulgar. I feel I am kind of scary. I feel kind of empty and lost the motivation to sleep early.

Someone, bring me far away.

I want yet
I dont want

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