December 29, 2008

New year, new Resolution

They say if you broke a glass, something bad gonna happen.. I broke an ash tray during work, am something bad going to happen to me? Or my love ones around?

***pictures credit to yeokaiwen

2008 was wow.

For that one whole year, I've grow. Alot of things happen to me be it big or small. All this while I've meet alot of people and I've lost certain people. For some my heart and soul was all out, but I'm left with nothing.. No, what left was pleasant memories that stood me strong.

As time goes, my mindset of life changes.

Somehow what's mine will be mine, what's aint wont be. I'll try to strive for what I want, I'll put in effort. But is it the best of what I can, I dont know. Just for this new year, I hope I wont be a lazy bum and really do my best in everything. I hope I dont always type or talk or nag in my blog yet I am still on this spot.

Hmms... here goes:
#1 Save up moolahs to go overseas(maybe bangkok, taiwan or hongkong?)
#2 Graduate smoothly(not failing any modules lah.. PLEASE)
#3 Grow long THICK hair(I seriously dont want to always clip on hair extensions, cannot tie pattern or high pony tails)
#4 Go down school often for Fbodz and continue dancing(since I'm graduating, chances of always coming back to school or dance are low?)
#5 Join another dance competition(since I started dancing, I only join Danceworks '08 before)
#6 Dont skip school('cos I'll feel very guilty)
#7 Know more friends
#8 Be a good daughter/sister/granddaughter
#9 Super good complexion(pimples are growing now, oh my my)
#10 Get perfume(I never wear any frangrance on myself before or seldom, can try man)
#11 Chunk away my tummy(FAT!)
#12 Learn photography(probably save up and get a DSLR)
#13 Able to freestyle(still very cui now)
#14 Learn to sleep early
#15 Have a special someone
#16 I am going to be a grand senoir/alumni(MY GOD)
#17 Dont always emo
#18 Dont always supper
#19 Check me out in NP Hype magazine(january issue?)
#20 Be pretty, grow confidence

In short, I just want to be happy.

I want to love and be loved.

Go 2009.

Simple yet unreachable.

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