November 5, 2008

Photoshoot at Marina Bay

***Image heavy post, UP to 80++?
Do grab the picture if you spot yourself, still got some pictures I didn post, PM ME :)

HOLLA, so two weeks ago FB had a mass photoshoot.

Our first outfit was smart casual. Everyone wore black and white. And dont we just look like some Japanese High School? Then from my expression you can tell the weather was so hot.. Lol. Ever since that day my mushroom head was gone too! Cheerios to clip-on hair extension.

A shot with Germaine, Sandra and Cheryl.

That day I brought my nerd spectacles out. I remembered I got it when I was in secondary school? It become handy for pictures YEA..

Dont we all look like teahcer!? I'm your teacher J man..

Upon reaching our destination...

Idah, Shakilah, Syakirah.

Sandra and J.

With Germaine.

The camwhore session starts..

I love this shot! The brighter one are taken by XH's dslr. Hehe.

Check out Sharon and me.

Last picture before second outfit.

With Veron and Baobao.

Our next theme was blue, white and black!

We're the Asian!

With Ada.

With Theresa.

With Diane.

With Cheryl...

I seriously love this two shots.
The above look so not like me.

My territory..

Jess Lim.

The chao ah bengs and ah lians siAlhzz..

The I-dont-know pose.

With Rachel, she's really pretty!
One of my fav. too!

Presenting the dead doll.

Another favourite.
With great lightnings, every picture seems so nice. LOVE.

Check out Christie and Ryu..


Now Lesner and Ryu..

Joey joined and got caught by their scissors legs!

My only picture with Lesner and Jinwen and it was so blur. Shrugs.

I'm on air, saw that?

My attempt to jump with Sharon but I failed. TSK TSK.

Presenting the twin in our batch..

Sandra and Cheryl. They claimed they are sisters! Hah.

Another new location for pictures..

Dance like nobody watching.
FAVOURITE TOO, love the sun that shine.

With Nadrah.

With Jiarui. We are strong!

The geeks..

With Veron.

With Cheryl.

Some pictures from XH...

White wall.

The alley.


From Leong..

Hip Hop Asian. AZA AZA!
Go go for Trika, Pressure and Straight Heat.
Go go for Street Jazz!
Go go for everyone!

Last but not least, alot of pictures with Sandra!

The colorful.

Black and White.


Super overloaded with pictures man. But oh well.. it's my habit of uploading pictures that got me or I like! Hahah. And that day is been a very long time since I take so much pictures. You know I'm on cloud nine already.

The month of December is coming and for the first time that month seems so important. December 12 and 13 is production, people do support us! This is our first ever concert by Foreign Bodies.. we will do out a great show! Then the December of 16, I'll turn nineteen. What will it be like this year? Surprises from anybody at my door step when the clock strike twelve? Or any other wow wow vabroom stuff?

What a wishful thinking.

Wont you come
and spend
a little time

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