November 24, 2008

Cafe Del Mar

First day of work was HOLLA.

I'm abit lost but it will become quite fun if I get the hang of it. I'm in the Alfresco session which is the same as Lesner. My area was indoor so I need to know the menu really well. Yes yes, I hope by next year I can remember most of the salads, appetizer, main course, desserts, light snacks and even the drinks. There are like seriously hundred over drinks? And almost half of them are alcoholic drinks.

I am alcohol noob man. I know nuts about them.. maybe Carlsberg I know lah. HAHAH. There's Corona, corona.. corona. I cant remember the others already. Damn. I am like noob now and I forget all I learn of casher-ing when I work in F&B last time or Quiksilver.

I'll bring back my memory soon and learn to carry alot of drinks!

Veron is at the beach side. I miss her man.. :( Alicia and Cheyl came down to interview too.. I bet they will get in too 'cos what they have been told was the same as us. It seems like there would be more Singaporeans working in Cafe Del Mar soon!

Now presenting the Fbodz working in Cafe Del Mar. LOL.

Hmms.. shall take a nicer picture before work when there's sun! You know how much I love taking pictures when there's good lightnings. Hehe. Oh well, during work no handphones and etc is allow.

See you next sunday, till then!

The sun, the beach and the sea.

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