October 7, 2008

The month of December

Anyone of your birthday fall on December?

I am bored man. Day one of school was boring, less than an hour of lecture. Lab was cancel and I'm left with 8 hours or more to Asian Hip Hop. I met up with Wen and we exchanged birthday bears. Hahah.

Dance today was fun. I was a little stress but I dont know why after all the practice today I felt happy. It've been awhile since I feel this way.. I hope the feeling goes on and I got really motivated.

I am so so so excited about photoshoot, am thinking what to wear already. What do you think is nicer? Baggy black pants OR denim blue jeans? Adidas red hoodie, pink hoodie or the rainbow hoodie? OMG.

Day two of school later.

I still dont feel like slping. I've got like so many things undone. I havent watch Hot Shot episode 11. I havent think of what to wear to school. I havent.. I havent got the school mood back. I am still in my holiday mood.

I'll never understand.

Yet another false hope?

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Anonymous said...

You're really a strong girl (: