October 24, 2008

"This world is so complicated"

Feeling so down, 'cos i feel shallow, empty and then nothing.

I wonder if anyone see how much we worked for it. We try really hard or maybe not hard enough. Now I am in this contentment stage whereby I think everything is fine. Then I got into this denial stage whereby I dont know or dont want to get out. I pretend all is okay and only take in the positive comments, and realise all is real and requires a response.

I'm in this state of confusion where I am neither here nor there. To keep things short I am stuck in between. I need to go into this renewal stage whereby a solution is to come. I need to face it. There are so many possibilities.

And too much for getting into Professional and Interpersonal Communication Skills that I use the Janssen's Four-Room Apartment Model of Change.. to explain how I am feeling right now.

You know how much I hate this feeling..
Will you be there for me if I'm feeling down?

Yes that's you
the one reading
and not reading this.

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