October 12, 2008

Sentosa Part III

***Massive pictures post again, I camwhore like there's no tomorrow.

Just now, went to Vivian's birthday Celebration. Her boyfriend surprised her by having dinner(gathering) and surprise movie. If I were her, I'll be touched. I'm thinking.. how lucky she is to have such a wonderful birthday where there are surprises coming her way. She cried like thrice. I think she feel really loved and sweet at that moment.

How will my birthday be for this coming year? Working maybe?

Talking about my birthday, it falls on study break. It's also like just 3 days right after production. I did told my parents and some friends that if they come to school to support the dance club.. watch us dance and that includes me, that will be my greatest birthday present. To have the feeling that people notice you is great.. how should I explain... so people MUST come okay!

HOLLA.. Pictures of sentosa again! This time was with Sandra and we took like 141 peektures in total.. I'll upload most of them. Heh. If your eyes are sick of my face please click on the red cross ya.. Lol.

The view from the train. I wonder how this Island will look like when they are done with the buildings and construction.

Tram to Palawan Beach, please do not jump.


We've arrived! :D

I'm using this pose again. Hah.

Our lunch, The Superdog.

Guess what? I bring my new pet to the beach!




Cute Doggy!

He bring his new friend along too. Hah.

Sandra with doggy.

J with doggy.


Lots of bighead shots and randoms.

Heart-shaped shades.

Say sunnNNyyYYY.

We got thirsty and brainfreeze.

Photoshoot for Sentosa. LOL.

Our attempt to climb and lie on the net..


We found a stair at the other side...

An attempt to micro the flowers but mine look slightly obscene.. LOL.

Two of us.

We love the sunny yellow banana day.

I'm feeling it.

We got a little emo.


We met a new friend too...

Look at how straight he is standing. LOL.

Then it marks the end of out suntanning trip. It'll probably be the last time I tanned 'cos school reopen. Or hopfully someone is free on a wednesday so I can go again.. I've night class on Tuesday so Wednesday is a free day!

I really like the new tanned.

Twist for our friendship.

I like this shot.

The Island we love.

Big head shots and TADAHHH. I love Sandra! :D

Last two peektures of the post.

My new blondie hair. Ehehe.

Tsk tsk. Everyday is so packed man that I feel really tired. I'm like not having enough time yet I dont want to sleep early. I'm like waiting for this paticular thing but then it didn happen. I dont know how exactly I feel but was disappointed just now when my call was rejected. Then I got no news onwards.

Maybe I was so bored that I dont want to go home so early.

I've less than 5 hours of sleep and off to work. I cant make it for Photoshoot 'cos earnings more moolahs is more important. HEHE.

Cotton On is hiring X'mas part-timers, anyone?

I miss Stupid
word Hello.

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