October 8, 2008

Jay Chou love & Class Chalet

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Peace =)

Thanks to ZH's boy i got the new songs!

Anyway, there is this maxi dress craze around ya? I am really curious how I will look upon long maxi dress. So here goes...

I look so damn hilarious. I look so long with my so short height. My god.

Chalet pictures up.

Shyan and J.

Escape Theme Park.

I miss childhood. I miss secondary school times. I remembered going with Yanshan, Anthea, Jasmine and etc to Wild Wild Wet or Escape. How can you not go? It may not be as wow as compare to the theme park in other country, but it do bring back childhood =) I didn manage to catch a bear though, how I hope I did.

Presenting the pirate ship. I thought it wasnt exactly scary but my heart almost flew out. I bet I've got a weak heart and it've been ages since I played. It was fun!

Caution Hot.

Turn and turn.

Spin to Win. If you're given a chance to spin to win something.. what will you hope you win? I hope I win..

A chance to love and be loved, again.

Anyway let me introduce you to one nice fast food. They have limited outlets so do try them! It's rather cheap and nice.

It's Superdog!

Hotdong Etiquette and Philosophy.

The yummy food.

Saw this there, it's number 13! I so wanna sit too! I haven been to Singapore Flyer, anyone wanna bring me there?


My favourite. Barbeque Chix wings. Thank the guys who bbq!

My wanting to have the 'SHEESHA' smoke picture. HAHAHAHHA.

Late nights, BBQ and night cycle.

They love Mahjong, I only know WAHJONG.

Check out YO.

Smile YO.

Love you guys man.

Changi Village. My second time there! Night cycle bring alot of memories back. I still remember the times during 4E2.. I cycle double too and it was with Big Ben. Hah. This time was with blangla YZ. I gonna learn cycle one day...

Home sweet home.

The chalet was great, more chalet next time.. or overseas trip when we graduate! And talking about graduate, I'll be in 4 months time. I seriously dont know what I want to do.. I feel so damn lost. I need someone to guide me.

I miss late night, that night.. do you?

What's wrong with me
I cant seem to know

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