October 1, 2008

Random Updates

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I have left with barely 5 days of holidays. Can you say I miss school? No? I've been going down school like every week.. especially on the days there is production like Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Yes? I miss my classmates.. I miss sleeping in lecture and seeing so many people. I miss the nuggets and bubble tea from South canteen too.

I miss year one days.. I miss Eugenia. She and I are two extreme people with different characteristics but clicked. Or maybe she is the first person I talked to when I first entered Polytechnic.. So there is something that link us?

Today is Hari Raya and I actually forget it is a public holiday. I should have request I want to work 'cos it is DOUBLE pay! If I work it will be like $14/hr. OH MY GOD. Next month there's Deevapali.. here I come man.

On Monday during Asian Ryuta say my face grow sharper.. my chubby cheeks was gone. Then I recalled that a week ago Mum told me the same thing. It is till then I realised, I've lost 1kg. I am quite worried 'cos this days my appetite aint good.. and I sleep like 3/ 4am in the morning. I want to gain weight at my cheeks area, I dont want to have a sharp face that look so I-dont-know. But I dont want to gain weight at the tummy area. Lol.

Com' on, let my huge appetite come back.

That day after Mass dance, went out with Sandra and that is when I got my Stussy shirt.. in blue! Teehee. We didn take any pictures until when we're going home..

The individual shots.

The double shots.

Big head shots! Hah. Look how tired our face are after the shopping and dancing.

Class Chalet later, hope will be fun. It been awhile since saw them and also went over to the other side of SG, Pasir Ris! I hope tomorrow no rain and got sun 'cos I wanna swimming.

Dance from Thursday night to Saturday and then Monday again. Monday school reopen too! OH MY GOD. I havent get a tanned. I have so many things to grumble about. Then Production is so near that I am so stress. I really hope it wont stop and we will put up a good show for those who support Foreign Bodies! YEA MAN.

Rain rain go away.

Oh I blushes
like I've fever

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