October 1, 2008


I think I create a mess in my blog.

I'm sorry people for those who care but the issues between Chuck and me have been misunderstood. We broke up on mutual agreement with supposingly no hard feelings. I dumped him and I hope he will be happier 'cos our relationship is straining, I'm stressing him. He too let me go and hope I will find a better guy 'cos his character dont suits me, he too hope I will be happier.

Things are going way too complicated and I dont know how to explain. The more I explain.. things get worst and more misunderstanding occurs.

I am a simple-minded person who dont think before I talk/type. So some stuffs I wrote is when my emotions have reached the peak. Then I cant keep things to myself and blog, my emotions lead me instead of being calm.

What happen between him or his life now is his, what happen in my life now is mine. I hope the past wont be a burden to anyone of us. I hope the memories of us will remain pleasant and not something to be of gruge of.

Just incase if anyone want to know what happen between us, just come and asked me. Dont ask another party. I've already recover so I am alright. And the way he talk is harsh, I hope you guys understand.

The thing about relationship is complicated. Both parties is of no fault. But emotions can lead you to i-dont-know. I mean if you are a girl you will know what I mean by emotions and those thoughts. You will linked everything all up.

I hope the matter wont become worse anymore.

I wont be online till thursday or friday.


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