September 29, 2008

Mushroom & Registry of Marriage

I look so kawaii neHHzz. *cross fingers

I went to be model for Pro trim and was entitled a free hair cut. What I mean by their model is to let the student cut. The hair cut by the student was good.. it look like my usual hair just that all was nicely trim and layer. Then the 'shi fu' came and help me cut mushroom head. 'Cos at the start they ask me if I want to try Raine Yang mushroom head, I said OKAY.

I thought the 'shi fu' only wanted to help me layer and cut my fringe. He snaps and snaps and my head become 2 define layers. I look like having short hair and long. I thought he have forgotten the OKAY I replied them just now. LMAO.

After the hair cut I got so excited that I bought the wrong train TWO times. First I board the train to Jurong when i suppose to go back CCK. When I was at Jurong I came out and board the train to Chinese Garden. Lol. Till awhile then I realise I was going furthur from home.

HAHHA. It look nice at times but ugly too.

Contradict hair, so please grow LUH.

Okay, I am still very excited about my hair. But I need to update cousin Registry of Marriage.. or is it consider a wedding too? Oh well..

Big head shots with Eve.

I really like the contrast in the pciture. I am tanned with white, she's fair with black. LOL. Get what I mean? Our features are very different too.. her eyes are huge. And I look kind of different too.. like more mature.

Presenting the bride.

My small cousin, 'tang mei'. We kind of look alike huh?

Family picture.

Aint they lovely? At that moment I think.. when will it be my turn? HAH. In my dreams man..

After the buffet we went to sing K.

Some camwhores shots when I am really bored.

Fruit Punch.


Some random pictures.

#1 Special Moment

#2 Longing

#3 Awaiting

#4 Wishing

#5 Yearning

#6 Blessing

#7 Happiness

#8 Fulfil

#9 Glow

#10 Undying love

People vote for yor favourite or tell me which you think is the nicest shot? :)

When will I receive flowers again?
The last time I receive was half a year ago.. AWWwww.

All have become memories and everything so pleasant.

I wanna be lucky
so lucky that fall
so deep yet again.

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