October 15, 2008

I love DSLR

Another post with massive picture, be patient for loading.

Yo guys, I got more pictures from my cousin Registry of Marriage.

I feel that I look so different. I look so mature, lady or maybe prettier? LOL. I look more lively too. Having make-ups on my face do wonders. And YES, I love my new tanned.. I will tanned more if I turn fairer.

Out of 537 pictures, I spotted 40++ with me on it. I really love candids. Heheh.

Here goes...

Aunt: "Ah Shan, you almost chao geng."
Shan: smiles.

With ZhiHong, Mandy, Aunt and two small cousins.

With the bride.

With the two sisters!

With Eve. LOVE. Favourite shots.

We're like trying to arrange who to sit where.

With Ah Mei, Eve and two small cousins.

Anyway, buffet for the day...




Pepsi or coke?

You know how much I love food. Then you will know how much my family love food too. Especially when it is free and BU-FEI(eat already wont FAT)..

Every shot you can spot me. HAHAHHA.

I love my family! Too bad ah ma wasnt in.

The focus was on me..

I love drawing. WEE.

Some candid shot..

Feel like some paparazzii(spells?) though. LOL.

The black and whites.

I received a rose that day..

I got it from the table. Shrugs.

Group photo.

Formal and funshots.

After some of us went KTV...

Girl in black: "Eh, controller give you.. choose your favourite song."
Girl in red: "BO CHAP."
Girl in white(ME): "GAM XIA."

We love singing.

Together with the bride.

The bride run the show.


The girls.

Last group shot before the photographer went off!

I love the super clear pictures man. I hope by next year I can save enough to buy one Nikon/Canon DSLR. Dont you just love super clear pictures?

School have been like two weeks. Projects are like piling up already. There's Communication Skills and lots of Java Programming. I like forget alot of Java already. And I'm really glad that I still gt ZH in the class, If not the semester I will be like total zombie. Some new classmate are nice too.

Then the days when I wear girly and make-up, classmate would like ask if I want to go out. HAH. No dance means dress up day, school is day out too.

Hot Shot episode twelve out.

So empty
like a lost sheep

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