October 17, 2008

Hyped Up

***Lots of grumbling/whining. PS. my english is lousy.

It's been awhile since I used PHOTOSHOP.

I dress pretty/girly to school today again. Heheh.

Okay, the pictures was taken last week but that day I was quite girly too. I feel happy today 'cos I get to know more of new classmate. For projects most is same with Nicholas and Angie.. then some with Elynn and Kok Yong. I hope I can do my best for projects 'cos I am quite blur lah.

And I finally know why people may get pissed of when I talked to them..


..is my first reaction before I generate the sentence through my mind.

Sorry people, my mind is abit slow. HAH. Nicholas is like the second person who told me that.. previously I was told by I-know-who and I didn exactly realise. Be patience when talk to me okay?

And regards to my GOLD and MUSHROOM hair...

ZH think I look nicer and neater when I pin up. She feels that I look more energetic and not so sleepy? True or not huh? Then regards to my pin up hair, one junoir and mikal saw me.. was kind of shock 'cos they thought I cut/did something to my hair again. LOL.

And yes I keep asking/bugging new classmate issit true that I look really sleepy or liveless, they say it got to do with my small eyes. MI GOD. I told some of them I should use toothpicks to make my eye, like how you see those people in drama did those.. HAHAHA.

Okay, week 1 of school have ended.. I had experience babarians in north canteen and long-winded lecturers.

The part about babarians in north canteen is WOW WOW. The situation is like this.. ZH, Trix and I found a table and put our bags. We went to buy our food. Trix was the first to be back and she saw our bags being put at another chair at the end of the table then our sits was occupied by other bags. Then this girl claim that their friend have eyed on the seats for very long. By then, ZH and me was back from our Lor Mee stall.

This girl say sorry to us in a sarcastic tone and we just move to another table. You know the canteen was damn pack and we got our food already. Then we got NO tables. And what made me most angry was.. one of the people in the group was actually my junoir, she should have know her friend was so mean and rude to move other people bags.. without permission. The least they could is to wait for us to come back and asked we can shift to another table.. that they want to sit together with their friend. TSK TSK.

Okay, end of story.

Then today this female lecturer was damn long-winded that.. she release us on the dot. We'll already half dead 'cos it was the last lesson and nobody was listening to her. She talked at this high-pitch and I heard Kok Yong scolding vulgar at the last few minute. HAHAHHAH.

Project is already piling up like there's no tomorrow. Then then dance showcase tomorrow(again). I am damn worry. AZA AZA!

I'm so broke now.

Aiyah, no Night Safari today and no nothing. Sighs.

Don't turn and walk away
Baby I'm slowly
Fallin' out

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