September 27, 2008

Sentosa Part II

*** Hello people, PLEASE COME DOWN TO BUGIS TOMORROW. Call me up before if you want. It's been very long since I be dragger for California Fitness. I'll be working from 12 - 4 so do come down. IF YOU'RE 21YRS ABOVE, IT WILL BE BONUS.. OR YOU CAN ENTERTAIN ME. LOL.

That was a Monday too.

I went with Anna. Been awhile since I went out with her. We wanted to get really tanned but that day, the sun wasnt sunny. Shrugs. But still we manage to be tanned like 10%.

Anna and J.

I like the 'micro feel' whenever i take picture. I feel really wow when the camera can capture things so clearly. Can you feel the texture of the sand too? :)

Check out my DAMN pale lips.

Okay, now i shall tell you why my lips appear this way.

When I was very young, I received this toy from my aunt. But this mickey mouse was from his Japanese Boss. I really love this Mickey Mouse toy. I always play with it and as a kid.. I have a habit of kissing the toy. LOL. I always kiss the Mickey Mouse's nose and this resulted my lips to be this pale condition. I've seen doctor too but still it always remain this way.

Another cause of my pale or peel lips was 'cos of saliva. They say it is a form of acid so if you always lick it.. it will dry it and then it POOF.. cracks. So my cure for it to not look pale/peel is to put lip balm and lip stick. I am so damn lazy so sometimes I dont care.

Lastly, I may look really pale too if I am sick.

Now I think the Mickey Mouse have been burned or loitered at some rubish dump. I think I've dump it like 8 - 10 years already. I was force to dump it 'cos my cousins say there are worms growing on it. You see how kids are so easy to bluff.

Anyway, last picture for this post.

I'll be back! Love you Sun.

I miss being fat.. feel so thin now.

To control me
Come closer
Come closer..

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