September 21, 2008


I feel that life is contradict. You know that but you still do that.

I've meet up with him just now, and I feel happy yet sad. The sad part is we no longer an item.. The happy part is I finally get to see him. I was asked to forget. Forgetting is a hard thing for me 'cos this period of time he is the dearest, the closest people in my Poly life. He's also my first chinese boyfriend. What's more? We meet in Foreign Bodies. It have turn in to a habit and to change is not easy.

I said "I wont be his burden anymore, and wont stress him or irritate him anymore. He will become a better dancer."

Perhaps in days to come he will have a girl soon. A girl with common interest and having the same birthday? A much more prettier, sexy and confidence girl? It seems really soon to me.. that's what my mind leads me to. Me? I dont know either. Maybe when i meet another one..

I feel that why some people can let go so fast? Yes, they still remembered but they go on. Maybe not in relationship sense but in life too. I dont understand this part, perhaps they aint so emotional.

I request for a hug.

It's barely one week and my heart couldnt take it.

I regret saying that but I need to let go.

In my world
where rainbow exsists..

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