September 19, 2008


I feel abit down. I feel bad for doing that.

I'm not a very good person to balance up stuffs. But no matter how much you regret certain stuffs, it's hard to change those already. I cant remember alot of stuffs now yet I remember too much. I've changed to a person that wasnt so me anymore. So I dont blame them for seeing me in a different way. I'm sorry. But all I think was simple, I really appreciate those.

I'm disppointed with Granny too. She looked so quiet yet she spread around. Those stuff is only him and me, why not ask me straight. Why do Aunt have to act and asked another? And why does she say that of him? Why do you care of me yet gossip around?

I'm disppointed with myself and Granny.

I got my timetable already and I'm scare. Most of the classmate are in the same class except Zh and TST unknown. I worry that no one accompany me in class and also eating lunch/dinner together. I'm worry of this farmiliar yet stranger place.

Why am I so dependent on people? Why am I so bloody spoilt? Why I always see things on the surface and didn think far enough? Why am I so simple-minded at times yet fickle-minded? Why am I so money-minded nowadays?

Who can i go to now?

Dance? there's no tomorrow.

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