August 24, 2008

No Moolahs, No Milk.

Hai. Just one week of holiday over and I feel so reluctant. For the first time I am so stress over job-hunting. My cousin have this job at Cafe Cartel but it is 5Moolahs per hour, should I work? For now, all i wanted was a 6Moolahs per hour job, 1Moolahs more is it so difficult to find? =((((((((((((

I can't go out so often so I can save up my pocket money. I can't go out so often 'cos I spend fast buying snacks. I can't go out 'cos I'm lazy. I can't go out 'cos I'm running away from people. BLAH, so many reasons I can't go out but tomorrow I'm going out again. LOL.

Tomorrow mark Chuck and Bi's one year anniversary. =)

For the usual, Monday and Thursday night is for Production. AND I've yet to practise. Nowadays it have been like more to a routine than of something I like. Dance isnt the same feeling as last time anymore, I aint motivated. I just know that everytime I tell myself, I must be good.. I can do it, I cant disappoint people expectations..

I'm so lazy that i want to end that but I know I can't.

The rain pour today
under the small umbrella
we held by together
hand in hand
across every streets

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