July 3, 2008


I should be sleeping yes?

No? Jessica Lauren's cap came already. I think i must be color blind cos' i cant differentiate purple and black. Or the picture trick my eye. (I dont hate purple just that i thought it's a combination of yellow and black - they are easier to match clothes.) I asked Trix and she say she saw purple not black.. Oh well. HAHA. BOY, it's your favourite color.. i BITEEeeee!

And yea man, it's been super long since i web cam and take solo pictures? My web cam gonna grow dust and grow weed already. Lmao. Anyway down is a picture of the color combination i can choose from.. i like the green and white base too.. It make me think of the REFLEC cap. I miss REFLEC, do you guy miss that time? Everyone so bonded.. how great :D

And yes yes, i must say the quality of the cap.. it is nice just that is it kind of soft. It's much different then normal mesh-cap, perhaps cos it's made in Korea. There is no sponge in the front so it look abit flat. I too feel like plucking out the word Lauren at the side but scare got few holes on it. Then i found out for caps i can only wear it to the side.. if i shift front i look funny.

Heyo, i'm very excited now 'cos of the cap. I'm going broke 'cos i got more and more online stuffs.. camera, dress(like ohvola), shirt(taiwan spree - joyce shoe&etc), bags, bermudas, shoes, bangles, pumps.. and the list goes on. I think i should open a second-hand selling blogshop soon. HMMS...

The picnic basket person reply me too!

I'm really tired. I'm getting lazy but i know i must continue dancing. =D

Food and shopping makes me happy.
So come money MONEY money..

If i could have
have more of you
i'll grab you
and let it stay

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