June 26, 2008


Yesterday was 10th month with Chuck. Home cooked sphagetti by mum, cake and tarts from Q-bread, two glasses of ribena, apple struddel.. one New Era snake skin white cap and Stitch's silver cap. TAADDAAAH. Love you boy, hope we got more time together. I miss weekdays being together.. and more months and years to go together? =)

Last Friday went out with Cheryl after FYP. It was made last minute.. we went to watch "Never back down". Nice movie i must say. Before that we walked around town. And yea, saw some of the junoirs at Cineleisure. Hehe.

In Zara's fitting room. We tried on this aladdin pants and thinkin whether should we get it. It's kind of nice but the price is expensive. Tsk tsk. After we rush for movie and went loitering around.

Yea, so i bring her to this place opposite scape to take picture. Boy and i went there to take picture before. Heh. The lightnings not really nice but HAH, we manage to take pictures and we cant help but keep laughing. We took "DA TOU" shots too.

TEEHEE. After we took train to Marina bay and then bounce back home. Lol.

Hmms, Saturday didn went for Mass dance so probably i will go with the Grand senoir coming Saturday. I went for Amazing Youth Race 2008.. can you believe it? LOL. I have to run around from places to places and stations to stations. There were a total of 10 stations. We went to like Outram park, Clark Quey, Buno Vista, Katong and etc...

The Race begins.

This was the first stage. SODUKO. I'm really bad at this but yea, Eugene saves the days. LOL. I didn really take alot picture, only randomly when walking.

Look at my tired face. Hah.

We finish the race and we got in the 10th place. It's really amazing man. LOL. I look horible man, hair flying and like some kid.

Here presenting Eugene, Boy's mum, me and boy.

In the end we got ninth placing cos one group forfeit.

Group picture. TADAHH.

I am sick and tired of needing to draw the school campus in 3D. =( I am bored.. i am lazy man. I so feel like going home to rest and sleep non-stop. I WANT HOLIDAY MAN.

Boy in my lab now. We are bored =((((((((((((((((((((((


I got red marks all over now.

Please come

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