June 3, 2008

NYP here i comeeeee.

I'm seriously bored. The DTs are slightly better this week. At least i feel that they dont poke on me already.. HELLO, i'm here so big so PLEASE kindly marked my attendance. Dont accuse i'm late when there are people who are even LATER. GOD DAMN IT.

Alright, lets talk about my project. I seriously have to go around the school taking picture. For the scale wise, it's all a aga-aga thing. HAH. Right now or since last week, i've try to draw out BLK S. I feel that it still look kind of weird.

Okay, so this is what i try out/did last week. It is based on what i see or i thought it is. The scale is all wrong and my supervisor say i shouldnt have draw the windows out.. i should use bitmap or graphics to put on the buildings. That was suppose to save space. It dont look like BLK S but some building. Heh.

This is what i did today and yesterday. I went to take some pictures of BLK S already.. BUT i forget to bring my cable. =( Tomorrow i shall try out putiing graphics on the block.. i am still quite lost. The school is big can? Lol. Anyway, for this i think it should be the correct size of the 3D model in Google Earth.

YES YES, i started out the SketchUp program trying out to draw the house.

This aint my dream house but it looks kind of cosy though. Lol.

Street Jazz yesterday was a challenge or perhaps it is always a challenge for me. I need to do well, be more concentrate, more relax.. and i need to feel. I seriously want to shine on stage, on that particular day. Please be confidence JESSLIM.

Since last year i keep nagging about my own dance, so i should stop nagging and make a difference. I cant be too lazy. Hah.

Fbodz camp next week, i hope Karen approve the excuse letter.. if not i hope my supervisor understand, as well as the DTs? I cant wait, prolly this will be my last camp of my poly life and in near future? Unless my results is quite good that i can enter University..

Blogging kill almost like half an hour of my time. This is good man..

Suddenly, i dont care so much anymore.

You dont know what i feeling
I'm more than words

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